Server, Desktop, and Application Virtualization

If you are trying to decide whether or not to virtualize and what to virtualize, we can be a sounding board and guide you through the solution architecture that would make most sense for your environment and goals.

At Brown Pear, we support virtualization from the application level all the way down to the hardware. We can help you answer questions like:

  • Should we virtualize the application or just at the desktop? You may not need XenDesktop if all you need is to do is virtualize is an application(s). However, XenDesktop allows you to have more security and control over users.
  • Should I go with VMware or Hyper-V? Whether VMware or Hyper-V, we can help you design and implement a solution that meets your current needs while providing room to scale and grow.
  • What benefits would we gain by virtualizing? Enhanced security? Ease of Management? Ease of Deployment?


Brown Pear Professional Services

For our services, we will draft a scope of work based on your needs. We will go over this with your team and agree on any deliverables including documentation. We will provide knowledge transfer. Our offerings include:

  • P2V migration
  • Full Citrix stack incl VDI, Application Virtualization, Citrix Netscaler (SSL/VPN, load balancing)
  • Hyper-V to VMware Vsphere migration
  • VMware VSOM set up, management
  • VMware VSRM planning, testing, orchestration
  • Veeam implementation


My environment is 75% – 85% virtualized

Most of our customers are virtualized (servers) for 80% or more of their environment. A lot of the challenges we see at this point in time are:

  • VM-sprawl. Managing the growing VM environment becomes challenging, especially at 25+ virtual servers.
  • Misconfigurations or “rogue” configurations (growth is so fast that sometimes vm’s are built not to the standards of IT). This causes possible security vulnerabilities.
  • Recovery. How do I automate my now very virtualized environment, so that I can improve my Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and minimize my Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
  • DevOps. Speed of development matters. “Hey, I have a great idea. I want to test this out now. Now give me a server…please.”


Business Continuity for your Virtualized Environment

Let’s not forget protection: your virtual infrastructure is the core of your business, and downtime is unacceptable. Some challenges we see:

  • Making the backup window. Backups can often take longer than the length of your window (saying something you already know). But using a solution like Veeam or deduplication, we can reduce the amount of data being backed up.
  • Corruption of the backup. Backups can get corrupted, and you may not discover that until you try to restore it. We implement solutions like Veeam, which tests the integrity of your backups to ensure they are restorable.
  • Takes too long to do a restore. If restoring from tape, grab a Snickers (i.e. it’ll be a while), especially if pulling from multiple tapes whereas with Veeam, the backups can be mounted as a VM…so a 15-minute restore vs. an hour, for example.