Data Center Consulting

Lets work together to optimize your data center. Our team can assist with Data Center Analysis, Efficient Modular Architecture and Efficient Power Management.

Data Center Analysis:

Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your data center environment. We will make recommendations regarding your hardware and network components so that they are optimally utilized. We can also discuss options with you for any products that should be replaced due to age. We will conduct a thermo and comprehensive air flow analysis to identify areas of inefficiency and look at telecommunications costs to determine best options for future growth.

Efficient Modular Architecture:

Removing heat is crucial to improving data center performance. If your data center relies on ambient air cooling solutions, it may experience challenges with handling high heat loads. Whats the alternative? A Modular Architecture. With modular solutions, data center managers and technicians can match cooling and power resources to the devices that consume the most power and generate the most heat. At times, locating the cooling source closer to the heat generating device improves efficiency that would otherwise be lost in transport. By reducing barriers to air flow, shifting the location of equipment and even replacing legacy equipment, you can reduce energy waste. The perks?

  • Smaller utility bills
  • Better resource and power utilization
  • Potential eligibility to get money back

Efficient Power Management:

Intelligent power management is vital to optimizing the data center environment. This begins with an analysis of each and every component. Well help you take advantage of high voltage, three-phase power, and squeeze more computing performance from each and every rack.