Cloud & Business Continuity

Cloud and Business Continuity means you have the guarantee that you can access your data and application wherever and whenever you need it. Working with Brown Pear Solutions means your company will be ready when a disaster strikes without interruption to your business using business continuity solutions.

Public Cloud

  • Hosted by the cloud provider, using their hardware. Hardware is completely abstracted and is effectively unlimited
  • Pros
    • Extremely flexible and scalable
    • Pay-as-you-use model, meaning you only pay for what you need
    • No CAPEX spend, just predictable OPEX
  • Cons
    • Security – maintaining secure access requires new policies and configurations
    • Vendor lock-in – difficult to migrate between providers
    • Compliance (HIPAA, PCI, etc) – does your provider meet these requirements?
    • Multi-tenant – may not meet compliance regulations

Private Cloud

  • Hosted internally or at a hosting provider/colo, using purchased or leased equipment. Hardware is limited by budget and space constraints
  • Pros
    • Easier to manage security than public
    • Full control of everything, from the hardware to the hypervisor to the cloud stack
    • Dedicated hardware
    • Can easily meet compliance regulations
  • Cons
    • Can only scale to existing hardware capacity
    • Potentially significant CAPEX investment
    • More complex to manage


  • Combines public with private cloud, enabling the best of both worlds
  • Pros
    • Combines flexibility with control
    • More scalable than private
  • Cons

    • Can be complicated to manage and integrate clouds